Is your teen struggling with weak motivation, self-discipline, or “bad attitude?”.          Or maybe they're achievement-avoidant or achievement-apprehensive? WE CAN HELP!

Weak school performance, getting along with others - or just under-achieving: in a few short weeks, Launch-Your-Life will have your teen on the right track for school, home and life success!                      


AND - if your student is already a solid performer - but has UNTAPPED potential and capacity, this program is perfect.  It will escalate his/ her personal leadership greatly - and build ever stronger success skills FOR LIFE!


From our success process, your teen will identify, establish and make significant advancing strides toward realizing their actual, true capacity, fulfilling more of their dreams and goals and building a solid foundation for a lifetime of success.  

You will see them enhance their motivation, focus and approach life with increased confidence and enthusiasm.

Accelerating to Excellence

For students achieving at an average level – provides strategies, tools to accelerate success and achievements toward a lifetime of success (WITHOUT Stress!).


MOST students perform below their real potential. Our coaching program builds internal traits to advance and assure newer, stronger success habits!


If you’d like to see your teen leap ahead and become the leader or succeeder of which they’re capable, we can help!


Rebuilding Success

For students who’ve gone through significant challenges - re-establishes a foundation, begins building a solid future and a lifetime of success habits.


Has your teen experienced difficulties in school or life, even though they have strong, solid capability?  MANY students experience setbacks – and sometimes become emotionally ‘stuck’ – unable to grow or rebuild from those setbacks.



To Infinity and Beyond

For high achievers who haven’t yet FULLY tapped into their true potential.

Our approach is NOT high intensity –

but captures and teaches

“working smarter, not harder” – and leads to exceeding what they thought possible!


Does your teen have so much talent that you – or they – are frustrated by that UNREALIZED potential?  It’s a far more frequent occurrence than we might expect. You KNOW it’s “in there!”



The usual, frequent issues or challenges:

  • Grades/ academics
  • Peer pressure
  • Parents – disrespect, ignoring, loud or frequent disagreements
  • Drugs, alcohol, sex
  • Emotional: anger, frustration, depression, insolence, belligerence



Graduated Saturday magna cum laude! Officially a college graduate!  Thank you so much! Couldn't be where I am if it weren't for your help! Seriously, thank you!”   

Caity - Launch-Your-Life student, scholar-athlete, co-captain of college basketball team

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