Launch Your Life:

a success coaching program which energizes, inspires, encourages and guides teens

to define and focus on THEIR life and future success.

It's designed for three categories of teens and young adults.

Accelerating to Excellence

Does your teen have GREAT potential but is only achieving at an average level?


If you’d like to see your teen leap ahead and become the leader or succeeder of which they’re capable, Accelerating to Excellence can do that

It provides tools to accelerate their successes for the rest of their life

To Infinity and Beyond


Is your teen "pretty good" - but has much UNREALIZED potential?  To Infinity and Beyond is for high achievers who haven’t yet FULLY tapped their true potential.

This program will lead your teen to:

  • identify and establish big, lofty goals
  • begin significant strides toward those goals
  • build a success foundation for life. 

Along the way,

  • enhance their motivation and focus
  • approach life with greater confidence and enthusiasm.  

It’s NOT high intensity – but captures and teaches “working smarter, not harder”!


     Rebuilding Success

Has your student experienced school or life difficulties but still possesses strong, solid capacity?

Rebuilding Success will enable your teen to establish a success foundation for a solid future and lifetime.

One critical element which holds anyone back from success is weak self-esteem. Rebuilding Success builds and strengthens your students’ self-esteem.

    Results from Rebuilding Success:

  • your teen will build or rebuild their attitude , motivation and focus –and
  • approach life with confidence and enthusiasm!!


Results To Expect from Launch-Your-Life and Your Teen

  • Improved high school performance
  • Improved career direction
  • Understanding and practiced USE of success skills and self-management skills
  • A “toolkit” of strategies to pursue and achieve excellence and success
  • Strengthened success HABITS [90% of what we do each day is habit!]
  • A happier, more fulfilled student!
  • A happier FAMILY

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