"I graduated from Siena College and can honestly say that my experience with Launch Your Life has helped prepare me for my graduate levelwork. I gained experience setting SMART goals, developing plans to achieve them, and practiced different ways to stay focused. Launch Your Life is a program that can truly make a difference!" 



"I can honestly say I have been changing for the better ever since starting the process. My mom especially has noticed it, which I really liked to hear. My focus has become more about me and my future and how I can make better judgement decisions, like cutting out unneeded habits."

"The LYL program has helped me tremendously. I've become more focused, disciplined, and determined to succeed in my goals. My goals are more clear and I am more prepared to encounter them. I would recommend this program to ANYONE, simply because it has Launched my life."



"I participated in the Launch Your Life program during Spring 2013. I was able to learn a better way of how to set goals for myself and how to follow through with achieving them. Overall, the program was very rewarding and I would recommend it to both high school and  college students."


"The Launch Your Life program has helped me in many aspects of my life. I began the program without a clue as to what career path I wanted to pursue, now I am exploring options I never imagined possible!"



"Through the Launch Your life coaching program I learned that in order to reach your goals, you sometimes have to get creative when thinking of new ways to overcome an obstacle in your way. The advice I was given during the program, is now advice that I give to others when I want to help them reach their own goals. Thank you Launch Your Life!"



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