Launch Your Life:

Success coaching program - energizes, inspires, encourages, guides, leads teens to define and focus on THEIR life and future success.

Designed for HIGH, AVERAGE and "UNTAPPED" teens and young adults.


Launch Your Life was designed for teenagers and young adults to maximize their potential, and set a course for the future that will fulfill their dreams, goals and desires. 


Our life coaching teen success programs are delivered by videolink, email, text message and/or phone call. Where they live or reside doesnt matter!


We have three levels of services, used individually or in conjunction with each other.

Learning Modules

Success Learning Modules - in 10 minutes a day, these are down-loaded and viewed at your teen's pace.  Work-sheets help to keep your student on track. 

Fourteen self-paced modules are available, singly, all 14, or in packets. 


Module packets come with a Parent’s Guide and a Student’s Guide.

All-Digital [on-line] Coaching

Your student receives

- Inspirational, guiding & directing text messages AND learning modules

- 3 times/week

Messages provide

  • inspiration
  • guided learning
  • motivation,
  • accountability

Easily followed, no pressure/ self-paced.  


Subscribe to Succeed connects with teens where and how they communicate.

One to One Coaching

Work one to one with one of our Success Coaches,  guiding your student from (1) brain-storming and (2) setting dream goals through (3) developing a plan and (4) daily/weekly imple-menting that plan

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Expected Results from Launch-Your-Life & Your Student

  • Strengthened success HABITS [90% of what we do each day is habit!]
  • A happier, more fulfilled student! - and often, a happier FAMILY
  • Improved school performance AND improved career direction
  • Understanding and habit formation: success and self-management skills
  • A “toolkit” of strategies to achieve excellence - throughout school AND life!
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