Oh, The Challenges Teenagers Face!?

Every teenager – as you and I (probably) did – struggles with these issues:

  • ·       Goals – do I have them?         Do I NEED them?        
  • ·       What if I don’t have any!?
  • ·       Even if I’ve got them, are they goals or just hazy, unclear dreams?
  • ·       I don’t have a ‘roadmap’ or plan to achieve my goals
  • ·       How to decide what TO DO every week, every day - to accomplish ALL I’m supposed to do, [managing my time, deciding how and what to do, when…?]
  • ·       Losing – or not having any – motivation
  • ·       Feeling tired or depressed or overwhelmed
  • ·       Not KNOWING how to perform better at school
  • ·       Being overwhelmed – BY LIFE
  • ·       How to satisfy my parents and get them ‘off my back’
  • ·       How to balance what I know I need to do with what my friends may pressure me to
  • ·       What I should study or even pursue in college, at all?
  • ·       How to BE HAPPY??!!

Each one of these issues – and others – are addressed within Launch-Your-Life over a series of weeks.  Using a small-step, sequential, habit-building process, teenagers comfortably ease into a habit pattern of achievement and performance - facilitating, enhancing and drawing out their actual, dormant potential capacity. 

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