Self-Paced Learning Modules for Teen Success

Each module includes success learning concepts as well as directed worksheets to apply that learning. Growth and change from this learning will lead to accelerated success requiring approximately ten (10) minutes per day.

Teen Success Series

100 Series:  The Vision

Every great success starts with a DREAM, a VISIONand requires PERSONAL LEADERSHIP and UNDERSTANDING of SUCCESS


Your teen will:

  • develop dreams,
  • select 1-3 for their near future,
  • learn the basics of personal leadership and
  • how they will directly strengthen and assure his/her success.

Modules Included:

  • Transformational Experience
  • Dreams, dreaming / Master Dream List
  • Success
  • Leadership


200 Series: The Tools

To advance toward a vision and success, we need to clearly VISUALIZE it, and then apply SELF-DISCIPLINE, excellent TIME MANAGEMENT and a PLAN [and PLANNING]


Your teen will learn

  • Critical self-discipline [self-determination]
  • Optimum time usage
  • How to visualize dreams,
  • Increase Motivation

Modules Included:

  • Transformational Experience
  • Self-discipline (self-determination)
  •  Time management
  • Visualization
  • Planning

300 Series: The Issues

We all face issues – internal, psychological ‘walls.’ To achieve that dream goal, we need to address and
overcome Rationalizations, weak Time management, diminished Motivation and strengthened Emotional Intelligence

  • These are the obstacles most people, including teens, encounter.
  • Here, your teen will learn about them and how to overcome them.

Modules Included:

  • Transformational Experience
  • Rationalization
  • Time magement
  • Motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence

400 Series:  High Gear

To REALLY get into HIGH GEAR, we need a Transformational Experience, strengthened and improved Communication, ongoing/ daily Visualization resulting in using, showing, implementing, executing personal Leadership.


This sequence is for the
skilled self-leader

  • Your teen will learn how to use, apply and accelerate assure their LIFE success with these attributes.

Modules Included::

  • Transformational Experience
  • Success
  • Communication
  • Visualization
  • Leadership

Success Module and Series Pricing

  • Series 100, 200, 300 or 400 are $69.95 each.  
  • Purchase all four series for $99.95.
  • You can purchase individual modules (described below) for $29.95 each.  


Buy a series and save $50 or buy all four series and save even more! 

Teen Success Learning Modules

Transformational Experience

The goal of Launch-Your- Life is to provide a transformational experience which changes and
advances our teen-achievers’ lives forever, to strengthen and accelerate their successes. This
module describes and defines the elements to do that.


Self-Discipline / Self-Determination
It’s ‘universally accepted that self-discipline is the absolute basic to enable and achieve any and all


Time Management
Time is the area everyone agrees – we don’t have enough of and MUST maximize and optimize to
achieve our most and best.


Internal or personal leadership must come FIRST, to ever become an organizational leader – and
both kinds require the same basics.


Dream Action Plan
Every kind of achievement – work, sports, academics, life - is best pursued and accomplished with
A PLAN. Without it, we’re just ‘wandering around.’


Emotional Intelligence
EI is the ability to accept defeat, then rebound and recover – and take the next steps toward
SUCCESS. It’s been research-proven as the most important success factor, over all others.


Visualization: “Pre”-Viewing Success
If you can’t SEE or visualize your goal, it’s HUGELY more difficult to pursue and achieve.


Motivation: Get Your Motor Running
Most people – especially teens – experience lags and gaps in motivation. Here, we explore and re-
strategize how to re-ignite motivation.


S-U- C-C- E-S- S Is…

MOST people, including teens, DO NOT really know what success is – and therefore, are confused

in trying to achieve it.


Excuses we believe (ourselves) is one of the most common reasons people do NOT achieve their
goals. Here, we explore the reasons and strategies to overcome rationalizing.


How We Learn
Research has shown that, when young people learn how they learn, their confidence and
perseverance and persistence toward a learning goal increases, to the point of SUCCESS!

Module Name

“The Launch Your Life program has helped me in many aspects of my life. I began the  program without a clue as to what career path I wanted to pursue, now I am exploring options I never imagined possible!"

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