Launch your life, Teen Success Coaching
Launch your life, Teen Success Coaching

“I'm a teenager, with challenges, problems, struggles – and I'm often overwhelmed by them”


  • ·       Goals – I know I need them – where can I figure them out?
  • ·       Even if I’ve got them, are they goals or just hazy, unclear dreams?
  • ·       And after I figure that out, HOW do I go after them!?
  • ·       They probably won’t just “come to me” – so I guess  I’ll need a ‘roadmap’ to achieve them
  • ·       Where do I get that?

·       Then, the biggest problem - how do I decide what TO DO every week, every day

– if I’m even a little serious about accomplishing ALL the stuff I WANT?!

  • ·       And then there’s motivation – some days, I’m just NOT!? [how do I find it or re-kindle it?]
  • ·       And then, once in a while, I get down or depressed or overwhelmed L
  • ·       Some days, I feel like I don’t even know HOW to do better at school – or even life!
  • ·       And then - How to satisfy my parents and get them ‘off my back’
  • ·       How to balance what I know I need to do with what my friends may pressure me to
  • ·       What I should study or even pursue in college, at all?
  • ·       How to BE HAPPY!!


Each one of these issues – and others – are addressed within Launch-Your-Life over a series of weeks.  Using a small-step, sequential, habit-building process, you will comfortably ease into a habit pattern of increased happiness and “comfort” through greater achievement and performance – drawing out more and more of your actual, dormant, potential capacity.

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